Finale Concert Starts Off Right With Second Stage


The 12th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival kicked off the final day with a vengeance. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate what they know and love: Hip-Hop. Returning to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for the first time in two years, the Finale Concert didn’t disappoint. From Rapsody’s announcement of signing to Roc Nation, seeing up-and-coming artists OSHUN and MoRuf as well as TIDAL Rising artists Masego & MeLo-X, plus Fabolous, Nas and The Soul Rebels? This year’s all-star lineup was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

This year, our Second Stage featured up-and-coming artists who have solidified their places with a unique sense of style and flair. Right next to the Main Stage, St. Ann’s Warehouse was the perfect place for these young artists to showcase their craft. It also helped that the venue was home to the exclusive TIDAL Lounge complimentary for ticket holders with a subscription to the streaming service.


OSHUN rocks the Second Stage

First up, NYC-based duo OSHUN (pronounced oh-shoon) took the stage and showed that not only were they skilled MCs and singers, but their message effortlessly flowed throughout their performances. They even showed a little dance skill as the crowd cheered and joined in. These ladies alone proved that you can be Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and spiritual all without being confined to a category. Not to mention their energy, which matched the overall vibe of their music. These ladies did their thing, and weren’t afraid to show it.



Next, MoRuf (pronounced moe-roof) came on and crushed the stage with both his persona and lyricism. The Jersey-native made sure the crowd knew what he represented with L.O.E. “That’s that Love Over Everything”. He never missed a beat and kept the crowd going with his rhymes and references to life, love and social media. MoRuf is a budding artist in his own right, and it’s clear that this won’t be the last we hear from him. Not to mention that the team behind him also deserves some recognition. The band playing the saxophone and the piano with MoRuf rapping over mellowed-out beats solidified the marriage of Hip-Hop and Contemporary music.



We then heard the sounds of the quirky yet multi-talented artist, Masego. From his creative beats, with some being reworks of the most popular songs in music, to his personality and joking around with the crowd, Masego is a creative mind who people should get familiar with. Dubbing his sound “Trap House Jazz”, he brings a distinct sound that although uncommon, will keep you on your feet until you can’t feel them. He also has a character alter ego by the name of Uncle Sego, and uses the catchphrase of “HIDY HIDY HIDY HO!” Masego is one to interact and capture the attention of the crowd with both his beats and witty remarks in-between. It’s only right that he is an artist on the rise, and in due time will be a household name.



Last but definitely not least, MeLo-X went on and stunned the listening crowd with his innovativeness. A producer in his own right, he’s made beats for fellow artist MoRuf as well as big names like Beyoncé. In fact, he produced and wrote both “Sorry” and “Hold Up” off the Lemonade album. To say that he’s made it is only just the beginning as he continues to rise as a TIDAL Rising artist. His odes to the notorious dollar vans of Brooklyn left the crowd captivated and at some points, full of laughter. One thing that can be said about MeLo-X is that his sound is like no other, taking his originality to the next level while successfully giving onlookers a feeling of great vibes, and overall dopeness.

If you missed out on this year’s Second Stage then you missed out on the opportunity to catch individuality and uniqueness of these creative minds. It’s only right that they all took their talents to this stage, and we’re honored that they all chose to join us on a day that made some Hip-Hop history.