Born in 1972 and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, Swift (born Robert Aguilar) initially learned to rock the house with some hands-on help from his DJ dad and older brother. “My dad was a salsa and merengue DJ. My brother learned how to scratch and do all the hip hop deejaying stuff on my dad’s equipment (without his permission) and I’d sit there and watch him. When I entered the sixth grade, I decided I wanted to learn.” And so, Swift got busy educating himself in the classic turntable beats of the early ‘80s New York playground pioneers while listening to cool funk and hot jazz sides at home. “My older brother exposed me to all that,” he says. “All the stuff I create as a DJ is rooted in the songs that I heard from Bob James, Herbie Hancock and James Brown to Quincy Jones and old DJs like Grandmaster Flash and Grandwizard Theodore. That’s where my roots are.”

As a member of the world famous X-Cutioners as a solo artist, producer, and professor Rob is a true credit to the culture who continues to ‘do it for the culture’ everywhere he goes.

He will be returning as our official house DJ for the 2016 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival