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Hip-Hop Institute  —  Wednesday,  July 13th, 10am – 4pm

This year more than ever we are promoting the festival as an experience more than just the big show on July 16th. The Hip-Hop Institute is a day long conference which consists  Lectures, panels, and workshops dedicated to the study and advancement of issues of entrepreneurship and criminal justice in our community. The conference is taking place at Medgar Evers College, which coincidentally is named after Civil Rights soldier who was assassinated by a member of the White Citizens Council in 1963.

Location: The English Department at Medgar Evers College

Medgar Evers College, 1638 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Keynote Speaker: DeRay Mckesson

This event kicks off with Keynote Speaker, DeRay McKesson, a politician and civil rights activist hailing from Baltimore, Maryland.  McKesson is a leading figure in the Black Lives Matter movement and has been in the front lines for both the Baltimore and Ferguson protests in the fight against police brutality.  With the recent acquittal of the Baltimore police officer in the Freddie Gray case, McKesson continues with his fight for justice saying, “The Nero verdict is a reminder that we must continue to push for policies and laws related to the police department that explicitly call for the preservation of life and that have clear lines of accountability. I am reminded that this is one of six trials as we seek accountability for the death of Freddie Gray.”  The Hip-Hip Institute is proud to have the voice of a strong inspirational leader and activist as its Keynote speaker.  

Location: Main Room

Panel #1: The State of Hip-Hop Journalism 

The State of Hip-Hop Journalism will be a roundtable discussion with the sharpest minds and critics in Hip-Hop on the current state of Hip-Hop Journalism in this digital age and lessons to be learned for aspiring writers.  This discussion will be moderated by Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Juels Pierrot and will include Julian Mitchell of Forbes, Kaz of The Stashed and Jinx of Complex magazine.

Panelists: Julian Mitchell, Forbes. Kazeem Famuyide, The Stashed. Brandon “Jinx” JenkinsComplex Media 

Moderator:   Juels Pierrot, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Moxie 1973

Location: Main Room

Panel #2 (Lunch Breakout):  Mental and Physical Health In Hip-Hop. Inspired by Phife, Sean P, Chris Lighty, Capital STEEZ

The Hip Hop Institute dedicated to the study and advancement of issues directly plaguing our society. Joining the Hip-Hop Institute is Mona C. Faison founder of P.E.A.C.E. for Peace, a community based initiative created to identify the connection between violence, education and environment to promote peace through education and empowerment.  Ms. Faison will be hosting  The Check Up: Mental & Physical Health in Hip Hop (Inspired by Phife, Sean P, Chris Lighty, Capital STEEZ) a discussion regarding can better improve upon its mental and physical health. This “Check Up” panel is a “Check In” to initiate a much needed exchange of facts to promote a healthy lifestyle: body, mind and spirit.       

Panelists:  Dion Michael Ashman, CEO of Ready For Primetime Fitness. Dr. Burgess, Founder of Giving Hope/ Lead Psychologist.  Dr. Lindsey, Assisting Professor at the Silver School of Social Work.  Dr. Gore, Assisting Professor at Kings County Hospital.  Valeria Thomas, Registered Dietitian

Moderator:  Taiina Smart Young, Founder of Smart Girl Media.

Venue: Lunch Room 

Panel #3: The Sneaker Business 

Ewing Athletics will be hosting a panel that will focus on the Hip-Hop culture being a main consumer of sneakers, but lacks in the production of sneakers.  This discussion will include Jason Nelson of Ewing Athletics, Calvan Fowler of Jordan Heads Brooklyn, and Sean O. Williams of Obsessive Sneaker Disorder podcast.

Panelists: Premium Pete, SneakerTube TV.  Jason Nelson, Ewings Athletics. Calvan Fowler, Jordan Heads.  Flower, Sneakerhead.

Moderator:  Sean Williams, OSD 

Location: Main Room

Breakout Session: Get Paid To Be Yourself Workshop 

Julian Mitchell, an award-winning brand marketer, instructor and multimedia producer currently working with Forbes will be hosting a workshop on how to Get Paid To Be Yourself.

Location: Classroom

Panel #4: Women, Hip-Hop, Business & Culture

A Women in Hip-Hop discussion curated by Ebonie Jackson, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival’s very own Director of Finance and Production, will feature a discussion amongst power women who work in the realm of Hip-Hop, including author and Copy Director of Bumble and Bumble, Tia Williams, and Hot 97 radio personality JenBKLYN.

Panelist: Kim Osorio, Three Little Mouths Production Company.  Tia Williams, Estee Lauder Companies.  Jen BKLYN, Hot 97 

Moderator:   Ebonie Jackson, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 

Location: Main Room

Panel #5: Independence In Hip-Hop

The Independence in Hip-Hop discussion will go into detail about the roles that independent artists and labels have within the Hip-Hop industry. Sponsored by The US Army, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from some of the minds that helped create Hip-Hop’s most notable brands. Ibrahim Hamad of Dreamville Records and Wayno from Triangle Offense Management will give some insight on what it’s like to be independent in the realm of Hip-Hop.

Panelist: Ibrahim H., Dreamville Records. Wayno, Triangle Offense Management 

Moderator:   Wes Jackson, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 

Location: Main Room


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