BHHF---DummyClap_WEBPage-BannerDummy Clap Film Festival  —  Thursday, July 14th, 12pm – 7pm 

A celebration of Hip-Hop as told through the moving image. Screenings of old school films, documentaries, and shorts.  As well as Masters Classes from leading filmmakers both indie and major.

Location: The English Department at Medgar Evers College

Medgar Evers College, 1638 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Film #1: Beyond Beats & Rhymes PT. 2

Timothy Welbeck of Huffington Post kicks off the Film Festival with a discussion on his research of putting together a follow-up film to the 2006 award winning documentary, Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, which will focus in on how views have changed within the Hip-Hop culture from 2006 to present.  

Film #2: Roy Jones Jr’s 86-32 Documentary 

There will then be a full screening of the Roy Jones Jr. documentary, 86-32, a film on Roy Jones Jr. making it to the 1988 Olympics only to suffer one of the most controversial losses in Olympic history.  The Director of the film, Randy Wilkins, will then have a discussion on the film.

Film #3: Style Wars with Sam Pollard 

Award winning film producer, Sam Pollard, who was a film editor for the iconic 1983 documentary, Style Wars, which has become a historical gem for the Hip-Hop culture.  Sam Pollard will show clips from Style Wars and discuss how this film captured the early beginnings of the Hip-Hop culture through graffiti, b-boying and rapping.  This film is pivotal in depicting how the rise of Hip-Hop was spurred by New York City youths from the 70’s and 80’s who created and developed their own artistic avenues for having their voices heard at a time when the rest of society did not how to handle the rapid growth of such unfamiliar artistic expressions.

Film #4: New Jack City’s 25th Anniversary 

Full screening of the 90’s classic New Jack City which captured a point in history where drug use and drugs wars were becoming prominent.  Following this screening, a discussion will be held with writers from various publications who will discuss this film’s cultural significance then and now.

Master Class with Money & Violence 

Returning to our Film Festival is the creator of the successful web series Money and Violence, Moe Veraneau.  He will hold a Master Class along with cast members Du, Kno, Ace General, and Chris Styles where they will discuss the filming process of one of the hottest web series, the rapid success of his series and how much has changed since his appearance in our Festival last year.  

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